Here at Access Doors and Panels, we always strive to offer reliable and safe products for you – we are proud to introduce the BGFRS Concealed Drop-In Access Door – Square Corner- For Ceiling to help address your access door needs!     

With its state-of-the-art design and features, the BGFRS ensures safe and smooth access through the ceiling in your commercial building with its upward opening feature. The BGFRS has lightweight and durable gypsum fiber reinforced material on the door and frame, with a drywall bead flange for drywall application. Experience the best aesthetics from the BGFRS with square corner and unfinished gypsum or natural gypsum white finishes.     

With its exposed flange for any surface and significant door opening feature, this access door is perfect for your commercial building’s setup. These exclusive features make the BGFRS popular in the North American Commercial Construction industry and a brilliant addition to your business!     

Reasons to choose the BGFRS:      

  • Made to your specification      
  • Lightweight  
  • Reduced labor cost    
  • Many options to choose from    

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