36" x 48" FHG Floor Access Door - MIFAB

MIFAB Series FHA and FHG floor access doors are for interior or exterior use where easy access is required. The angle frame construction with integral anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete. Available in either prime coated steel (FHG) or aluminum (FHA). Standard units withstand load bearing of 300 lbs. per square foot. MIFAB’s floor access doors are designed for safety, durability and ease of operation.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
36" wide by 48" high
Rough Opening Size:
36 1/2" wide x 48 1/2" high
Aluminum and Steel
Lock / latch:
Padlock staple"""
1" anchor flange
Tamper proof steel hinges with stainless steel pins
Primed Grey Finish
Excellent Services
MIFAB 36 x 48 Steel Floor Access Door - MIFAB
SKU # FHG-36-48

36" x 48" Steel Floor Access Door - MIFAB

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