30” x 30” MX Exterior Insulated Access Door  

30” x 30” MX Exterior Insulated Access Doors are your best bet for extreme weather conditions. If you want reliable, durable access, look no further than our MX Exterior Insulated Access Door, with 2X insulation, factory-applied caulking, and a rust-resistant design. This access door drastically improves thermal and acoustic performance while reducing air and water leaks.  

Choose an MX exterior insulated access door for all applications requiring exceptional resistance to severe moisture and water vapor. MX Insulated Exterior Access Door is designed for long-term performance, engineered to withstand years of outdoor exposure. It's an excellent choice for RV service and repair technicians looking for a sturdy, durable RV access panel that can withstand exposure in varying climates.  

Get to Know The 30” x 30” MX 

Tough and Durable: MX Exterior, Insulated Access Door comprises robust, 18-gauge galvanized steel treated with a zinc layer for corrosion and rust protection.  

Resists Rust: MX's second layer of rust-inhibitive electrostatic powder equates to an exterior access door exceptionally resistant to moisture, vapors, rain, and the elements.  

Highly Secure: Standard models are outfitted with keyed lift and turn compression latches to restrict access for higher security.  

Double Insulated: MX Exterior Insulated Access Door features 1" thick polystyrene, offering a resistance value (R-value) of 5 for enhanced insulation, greater thermal resistance, and better efficiency.  

Leak-Proof: With a strong and airtight neoprene gasket along the door's perimeter, dust, debris, and the elements are a non-factor for the MX Exterior Insulated Access Door.  

Best Access Door's MX Exterior, Insulated Access Door, will outlast harsh conditions with its 18-gauge galvanized steel, dual-treated with a protective zinc coating reinforced by an electrostatic rust-inhibitive, non-toxic powder coat.  

With the addition of a closed-cell neoprene gasket, MX has a watertight seal between the door and frame. Finally, the door includes polystyrene insulation that offers exceptional water and water vapor resistance. These protective measures guarantee the MX Insulated Access Door's long-term performance even in the most severe moisture conditions.  

MX Exterior Access Door's lift-and-turn compression key and latch outfit all standard models to sustain its low profile while restricting access to all but the keyholder. MX is arc-welded, producing stronger joints and a more robust, cohesive unit, and is the ideal addition to your next job!  


  • Frame: 18-gauge galvanized steel  
  • Dimensions: 30” (height) x 30” (width) 
  • Door: 18-gauge galvanized steel  
  • Door Seal: Sealed, watertight pan  
  • Trim: One-piece construction  
  • Flange: 1" flange  
  • Hinge: Continuous galvanized piano hinge  
  • Latches: Textured chrome lift & turn compression latch with gasket, keyed  
  • Finish: Prime coat of rust-inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked white enamel  
  • Gasketing: Gasketing between door and frame‚ 3/8” wide by 1/8” thick closed-cell neoprene gasketing  
  • Insulation: 1" thick polystyrene w/ 5.0 R-value  

Fortify your applications with the 30” x 30” MX Exterior Insulated Access Door today!  

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
30" height by 30" wide
Rough Opening Size:
24⅜" height x 36⅜" wide
18 gauge cold rolled steel
Lock / latch:
Lift & Turn Compression Latch
1" flange
Concealed pivot rod
Prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked grey enamel
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Karp 30 x 30 Exterior Door - Karp
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30" x 30" Exterior Door - Karp

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