Upper Hatch for Attic Ladder

The LXW-B 25" x 54" Upper Hatch from Fakro, presented by Access Doors and Panels, offers a revolutionary solution for enhancing the insulation and cleanliness of attic ladders. This product, designed with a piston-assisted mechanism, significantly improves your home's energy efficiency by elevating the R-value for specific ladder models. Ideal for contractors, builders, and homeowners looking for a practical and efficient way to access attic spaces, the LXW-B is specifically beneficial for those in the commercial construction industry seeking to solve standard insulation and accessibility challenges.

Why Choose LXW-B?

Enhanced Insulation: The LXW-B's gasket-sealed design boosts the attic ladder's insulation, potentially doubling the R-value and contributing to a more energy-efficient home.

Dust and Debris Barrier: Acts as an effective shield against attic dust and debris, maintaining a cleaner environment and ensuring hassle-free use.

Piston-Assisted Opening: Facilitates easy access with its piston-assisted mechanism, making the opening and closing of the attic ladder effortless.

Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly with all Fakro attic ladder models, including LWN, LWP, LWT, LWF, OWM, LMS, and LST, ensuring a wide application range.

Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability, with a box height of 7 3/4" (20cm) for optimal coverage.


  • Dimensions: Compatible with various attic ladder sizes
  • Material: High-quality construction with a gasket-sealed design
  • Weight: 49 lbs.
  • Features: Piston-assisted opening, compatibility with multiple ladder models, enhanced insulation, and dust-prevention

Access Doors and Panels is proud to offer the LXW-B 25" x 54" Upper Hatch from Fakro. This product is an essential addition for anyone looking to enhance their attic ladder's functionality and efficiency. Call our product experts at 1-800-609-2917 to place your order or to request a quote.

Incorporate the LXW-B Upper Hatch into your construction projects to achieve superior insulation and ease of access while maintaining a clean and efficient attic space.

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Fakro 25" x 54" Upper Hatch - Fakro
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25" x 54" Upper Hatch - Fakro

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