25" x 47" Upper Hatch

You should always provide additional protection and insulation on your attic ladder opening by installing the 25" x 47" Upper Hatch, which is a sealed piston-assisted upper hatch. You will need the Upper Hatch if your area experiences high temperatures every day. 

Benefits of Installing the Upper Hatch

  • Solid wood construction
  • Piston-assisted for easy opening
  • Properly sealed for excellent insulation and a tight close

The Upper Hatch comes with an interior handle that lets users open from underneath. However, you can open and close the hatch from above by purchasing the exterior LXZ Handle from Fakro. 

It’s compatible with different FAKRO attic ladders with the same rough opening dimensions. Examples of models that you can pair the hatch with include LWN, LWP, LWP-L, LWT, LWF, OWM, LMS, and LST attic ladders. 

Upper Hatch Specifications: 

  • Series Name: LXW-B
  • Ladder Rating: Not Rated
  • Ansi Safety Listing: Yes
  • Type: Folding
  • Color/Finish: Clear
  • Non-Slip Tread: None
  • Material: Wood

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Fakro 25" x 47" Upper Hatch - Fakro
SKU # LXW-B-25-47

25" x 47" Upper Hatch - Fakro

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