24" x 36" STC - Sound Rated Access Panel - JL Industries   

The STC Sound Rated Access Panel provides safe and excellent access to the building's components with the best sound transmission blocking and noise containment features.  

Why install the STC?       

Super Durability: You can tell that the STC is very durable due to the materials used. 16 gauge cold rolled steel and 20 gauge CRS steel on the door panel. Combined with a white powder coat finish, the STC proves to be a fantastic product with both toughness and aesthetics.      

Superb Noise Proofing: No noise shall pass through with the STC's soundproofing feature. Lab-tested and fully functional with an ASTM E413 "Classification for Rating Sound Insulation of Partitions or Floors" and ASTM E1332 "Standard Classification for Rating Outdoor-Indoor Sound Attenuation" and the ASTM E90 "Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions."  

Variety: If you are looking for variety in a product, you can choose from STC's various door sizes, materials, and parts that will surely fit your commercial building.      


  • Frame Material: 16 gauge cold rolled steel.  
  • Frame Flange: 1" exposed.  
  • Door Panel Material: 20 gauge CRS steel.  
  • Standard Finish: White powder coat.  
  • Hinge: Continuous steel rod hinge. It opens to 170°.  
  • Gasketing: EPDM foam seal on the frame  
  • Insulation: 2" Mineral wool.  
  • Latch: (F4) Black lockable compression paddle.  
  • Sizes: Minimum 8" x 8", Maximum: 36" x 36".  
  • Clear Opening: Width minus 1-1/4" x Height minus 1-1/4".    

Optional Features at Additional Costs:    

  • Optional Material: 304 stainless steel with #4 finish, galvanneal steel.  
  • Optional Latches: Black non-locking compression paddle, chrome finish lockable compression paddle.  
  • Additional Options: Other powder coat colors and tubes of noise-proofing sealant for installation.     

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
24" wide x 36" high
Mill / Aluminum"""
Hinge mount
Continuous piano hinge
Lock / latch:
Plated steel pull and catch
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JL Industries 24 x 36 Sound Rated Access Panel - STC Series
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24" x 36" STC - Sound Rated Access Panel - JL Industries

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