BTS 24" x 36" Top Security Access Door - Exposed Flange - Babcock-Davis 

The BTS access door's design, detention-grade materials, and heavy-duty butt hinge protect the facility from unauthorized access. It also serves as the service staff's quick access to systems and units installed on a structure's wall that require high security, such as prisons, hospitals, and mental institutions.  

Why Install BTS? 

Security: The tamper-proof 7-gauge steel's thickness and strength add a layer of protection and durability to the entry door to prevent unauthorized access.  

Accessibility: It provides secure access to units and systems behind the walls, such as HVAC systems, necessary cables, and wires that require maintenance and repair. Its design allows service personnel to quickly reach the areas without causing damage to the structure's walls.  

Compliance: The product complies with and meets safety codes, standards, and other requirements to ensure that building staff and service personnel can safely and securely use the access door during scheduled visits.    

Longevity: The BTS access door's durable and wear-and-tear-resistant materials guarantee that it can withstand wear and tear and weather conditions allowing it to last for years.   


  • Model BTS 
  • Door 7 gauge Steel 
  • Frame 2 inch by 3 inches by 3/16 inch Steel Angle 
  • Size Min: 12 inches by 12 inches, Max: 48 inches by 54 inches 
  • Installation Wall 
  • Flange Exposed 
  • Hinge Heavy Duty Butt, Surface Mounted 
  • Finish White Powder Coat 
  • Warranty 1 year 
  • Options Latches, Gaskets, Anchors and Materials 

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
24" wide x 36" high
Latches, Gaskets, Anchors and Materials
Rough Opening:
24 3/8" wide x 36 3/8" high
7 gauge Steel
Exposed Flange
Heavy Duty Butt, Surface Mounted
White Powder Coat
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Babcock Davis 24 x 36 Exposed Flange Top Security Access Door
SKU # BTS-24-36

24" x 36" Top Security Access Door - Exposed Flange - Babcock-Davis

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