Product Details

24" x 24" Hidden Flange Access Door

Access door and frame shall be fabricated from 16 gage galvannealed steel with a prime coat finish. Doors to have concealed pantograph hinges. Latch shall be screwdriver operated cam latch.

Product Function:

Hidden Flange Access Doors are ideally suited for new installations or for remodeling in masonry, tile, wood or other wall and ceiling surfaces. The design avoids the additional labor to mud or plaster the flange due to it being hidden behind the door. The beveled edges and concealed door frame provide an appearance that allows the unit to blend into the wall better than other doors where the door frame is readily apparent.

Door Size:
24" wide x 24" high
Fully concealed and mounted on the long side of the rectangular door pane
Screwdriver operated cam latch
Rough Opening:
24.25" wide x 24.25" high
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Elmdor 24 x 24 Hidden Flange Access Door - Elmdor
SKU # HF-24-24

24" x 24" Hidden Flange Panel - Elmdor