Cendrex 22" X 36" Fire-Rated Uninsulated Access Door 

Ensure maximum fire safety and easy access for maintenance and repairs with the Cendrex PFN Fire Rated Un-Insulated Access Door with Flange. This versatile access door is specifically designed for fire-rated walls, adding essential fire safety features to your building in compliance with fire codes and UL standards. With self-closing and self-locking mechanisms, the PFN Access Door guarantees uncompromised fire protection while offering hassle-free installation and effortless access from the inside. Its ability to slow the spread of fire for a limited time enhances the safety of occupants during emergencies. Moreover, this access door contributes to LEED certification requirements, making it an eco-friendly and reliable choice for commercial buildings. 

Get to Know PFN  

The PFN Fire Rated Un-Insulated Access Door with Flange is the ideal solution for fire-rated walls, providing essential fire safety features to your building while ensuring easy access for maintenance and repairs. With a 1” flange, this door allows for an easy flush installation on any surface material, simplifying the installation process. 

Self-Closing and Self-Locking Mechanism: As per UL standards, the PFN Access Door is equipped with self-closing and self-locking mechanisms, ensuring the door remains securely closed when not in use. This feature is crucial in preventing the spread of fire, offering vital fire protection for your building and its occupants. 

Easy Access from the Inside: The PFN Access Door is designed to open inside, providing occupants with a safe and efficient escape route during emergencies. This feature enhances the overall safety of the building, allowing for swift evacuation when needed. 

Fire-Rated for Enhanced Safety: The PFN Access Door is specifically fire-rated, achieving a 1-½ hours rating with neutral/negative pressure. This rating ensures that the door can withstand fire for a limited time, providing crucial additional safety measures during a fire. 

Durable Construction: Constructed from 16-gauge cold-rolled steel, the PFN Access Door boasts exceptional durability, making it suitable for long-term use in commercial environments. Its robust frame, continuous piano hinge, and high-quality white powder coat finish further enhance its reliability. 

LEED V4 Compliant: The PFN Access Door is LEED V4 compliant, making it an environmentally responsible choice contributing to green building practices. Its eco-friendly features align with LEED certification requirements, adding value to your commercial building. 

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Ensure fire safety and effortless access with the Cendrex 22" X 36" Fire Rated Uninsulated Access Door with Flange. Its certified fire resistance, self-closing mechanism, and eco-friendly features make it a reliable choice for commercial buildings aiming to enhance safety and meet stringent fire code standards. Upgrade your fire-rated walls with the PFN Access Door and experience peace of mind with a secure and compliant building. Call us at 1-800-609-2917 to get started! (Don’t forget to try our quiz!

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
22" wide x 36" high
Rough Opening Size:
22 1/4" wide x 36 1/4" high
High Quality White Powder Coat
1 flange"
Continuous piano hinge
Lock / latch:
2 x Self latching tool-key operated latch and/or ring operated latch, both included
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Cendrex 22 x 36 - Fire Rated Un-Insulated Access Door with Flange - Cendrex
SKU # PFN-22-36

22" x 36" Fire-Rated Uninsulated Panel with Flange - Cendrex

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