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One of the best access doors in the market today, the CTW concealed frame flush access panel comes recessed for wallboard insert. Its wallboard bead leaves a seamless look on your walls or ceilings after installation. If you want a beneficial and aesthetically pleasing access door, the CTW is an ideal option.   

Why Choose the CTW?  

Seamless Appearance: This access panel comes with a recessed door to accommodate ½" wallboard insert to match its surrounding wall or ceiling surface. The wallboard bead gives it a seamless look after installation, offering an architecturally pleasing appearance.   

Easy Installation: One of the reasons why many contractors prefer these access doors is the easy installation it comes with. You do not have to damage or adjust your wallboards to fit, as they can easily accommodate them without compromising your building aesthetics.   

Accessibility: Having an access door is often a requirement in commercial or industrial buildings because of the importance of internal components like plumbing and wiring. An access door will help provide convenient and direct access to these components for regular maintenance, cleaning, and repairs.   



Frame: 14-gauge steel with 1" wide wallboard bead.  

Door: 16-gauge steel, recessed to accommodate drywall insert up to 1/2" thickness, with a continuous, recessed hinge.   

Finish: White powder-coat finish.  

Lock: Flush screwdriver-operated cam (C).  

Sizes: Minimum 8" x 8" (203 x 203 mm), maximum 36" x 36".  


Order Yours Today!  

If you are looking for an access door that you can install in your commercial or industrial building, Access Doors and Panels has a wide array of options you can choose from; if you want to inquire about our products, dial (800) 609-2917! We can also customize an access door to meet all your needs.  

Product Spec Sheet:
Fixed Hinges
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Concealed snap locks
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18 x 18 Concealed Frame Flush Access Panel - Wallboard Insert
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18" x 18" CTW - Concealed Frame Flush Access Panel - Wallboard Insert - JL Industries

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