Recessed Access Panels

A green sign with an image of a recessed box for our Recessed access doors and panelsRecessed Access Panels

Finding an access door that blends in with the wall surface is a challenge that designers often face.  However, if your panel is a recessed one, you can fill it with the same material as the surrounding area. With these panels, making protected openings to building fixtures disappear in intricate surface designs is now a possibility.

Well-known among contractors and project managers as a provider of quality and affordable recessed access doors, Access Doors And Panels offers a wide product selection that includes drywall (mud in flange), drywall inlay (behind drywall flange), fire-resistant, doors with studs, without studs, and recessed access panel with no flange.

Looking for an access panel for tiled walls? Access Doors and Panels has one with an aluminum frame and drywall inlay. Avail this door today in moisture resistant, mildew resistant, and cement board. We recommend a concealed frame with a recessed door that features 16 gauge steel frame, 18 gauge steel door with 1" recess for acoustic tiles or wallboard insert. Furthermore, we have a round door made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum from Windlock to match designs that use circular light fixtures, speakers, or smoke detectors.

Access Doors and Panels is your reliable partner in your building construction project. Buy our recessed access panels today! Custom sizes are available for your different needs.