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12" x 18" Contour Access Door with Hidden Flange & Latch

The CONTOUR's slightly bevelled panel closes over the flange, thereby creating a truly modern appearance. A hidden magnetic closing mechanism gives the CONTOUR an elegant and subtle finish. Due to the choice of materials used and shortened assembly time, this door is considered an economical option. Installation is quick and easy. It is suitable for application on walls or ceilings composed of any material.

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Material: 16 gauge steel frame and door.
Hinge Concealed double arm pantograph system.
Lock / Latch: Concealed magnets for locking mechanism.
Finish High quality white powder coat finish. May be used as is or painted over with finished paint coat.
Packaging: Individually wrapped. 1 per box
Door Size:
12" wide x 18" high
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Cendrex 12 x 18 Contour Access Door with Hidden Flange and Latch
SKU # CTR-MAG 12-18

12" x 18" Contour Panel with Hidden Flange & Latch - Cendrex

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