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The sturdy removable access door from Access Doors and Panels has now swing out necessary. Our panels are designed for wide opening access to protected spaces in walls. Access Doors and Panels is proud to offer our removable access door with hidden flange from Cendrex and the weatherstrip removable access door from Elmdor. 

With our RMD series, you are sure to be able to take advantage of its aesthetically-pleasing appearance. It has similarities with the CTR model, however, the door panel is detachable from the frame. When it comes to confined spaces where access is limited or where a pivoting door cannot be used due to an obstruction, this door model is ideal. Are you also looking forward to customizing locks and latches? You can choose from our screwdriver cam latch, key cylinder cam latch, hex head cam latch, 4” handle cam latch, and 4” handle keyed cam latch. 

At Access Doors and Panels, we also carry the WSR series access doors designed with flush gaskets between the panel and frame to ensure flush air seal in all types of walls and ceilings. This door model is popular with its features that include a one-piece construction 1” wide frame that produces perfect concealment of the rough wall openings. It is also provided with ¼” mounting holes for fastening within the furred spaces allowing faster installation and giving maximum clearance. 

Get a lot of benefits from using our quality removable access door from Access Doors and Panels. With our additional product features, every door installation is guaranteed to be more durable and efficient. Buy today at affordable prices!

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