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If you want to meet aesthetic requirements, use a recessed wall access panel. At Access Doors and Panels, we have a line of recessed products that now include doors with drywall flange, drywall inlay, fire-resistant, gypsum, no flange, plaster bead flange, and no studs. These products are perfect for application in a variety of surface materials such as drywall, acoustical plaster, acoustical tile, or wallboard insert.

Our RAL58 aluminum access door with hidden flange from Cendrex has a removable door, and a ⅝” drywall insert and an aluminum frame that blend in perfectly with walls or ceilings. It also features a pivot hinge and a push latch locking mechanism. Its gasket restricts air and smoke infiltration. This Cendrex door can also be purchased in customized sizes upon request.

When it comes to plastic-covered walls, our recessed access door with plaster bead flange is ideal for the job. The AHA-PLY has both its door and flange engineered to accept ⅝” thickness of plaster. Once installed, only the metal thickness of the door and frame will be left visible.  This door unit is secured with an Allen hex head cam latch.

When finding the recessed wall access door you need, don’t look any further than Access Doors and Panels. Shop our doors now at lower prices. Talk to our sales representatives today at 1-800-609-2917!

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