Fire Rated

Fire Rated

When doing a building construction project, it is vital that you carefully determine whether you will need regular or fire-rated wall access panels. If you’re talking about an application in fire-rated walls, it is not smart and definitely unsafe to install a standard non-rated door since it doesn’t have the required features for the job. Access Doors and Panels recommends the use of our fire-rated wall access panel instead. Choose from ur quality insulated doors, uninsulated doors, doors with drywall flange, and doors recessed for 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

We have newly-released fire-rated recessed wall access panels with a flange which is ideal for 2-hour wall or ceiling applications that require a trimless appearance and a recessed door to accept tile or wallboard insert. Wallboard is installed over the mounting flange leaving only a ⅛” bead around the door surface.

Manufactured under the factory inspection service of Intertek Warnock Hersey, this model of wall and ceiling fire-rated panels has a label reading: “Listed access frame and insulated fire door assembly 2-hour fire rating. Vertical and Horizontal Installation.”

We offer best-selling products such as the fire-rated wall access panels and fire-rated ceiling access doors from Karp and Elmdor, respectively. Take a look at these doors now and choose from our different sizes!

When you need a fire-rated wall access panels, don’t look too far and remember that Access Doors and Panels have the best products to offer. Give us a call anytime today at (800) 609-2917. Shop with us now!