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When it comes to rooftop installations, it is critical to have safe access to these components for the necessary regular cleaning and maintenance. Here at Access Doors and Panels, recommends the installation of a roof hatch using our quality yet affordable products from MIFAB. With our MIFAB hatches that are available in aluminum and galvanized steel, you can take advantage of interior access to the roof of a building. Designed for safety, durability, and ease of operation, these hatches are ideal for you.  They install easily over the roof opening and are secured from the base flange to the roof deck.

For our aluminum roof hatch, it is made with 0.090" aluminum with a 0.050" aluminum liner on the door while our galvanized roof hatch consists of 14 gauge steel with a 20 gauge liner on the door. Both these doors have locking hasps inside and outside of the cover. All hardware is cadmium plated steel. These door models also feature a 4" wide rounded corner flashing flange with 1" fibreboard insulation and formed steel hinges with stainless steel pins. 

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