JLAM-SMT - 16" x 32" x 7.75" Ambassador Surface Mt. Fire Cabinet - JL 

Surface-mounted fire extinguisher cabinets such as JLAM-SMT - 16” x 32” x 7.75” Ambassador Surface Mt. Fire Cabinet combine the ease and convenience of surface-mounted installations with a stylish squared or rolled edge design.  

JLAM-SMT allows access to fire extinguishers in style, perfect for public venues such as hotels and restaurants where aesthetics are absolute requirements.   

As a member of JL Industries' Ambassador family, this fire cabinet's design allows a seamless blend within modern venues such as shopping centers, office lobbies, grocery stores, and commercial buildings.   

JLAM-SMT is constructed of durable materials and will last through normal wear and tear and emergencies. Surface-mounted models provide an economical alternative to recessed options; however, you will not need to compromise on style and design! 

Why You Need JLAM-SMT 

Enhanced Aesthetics: JLAM-SMT's sheet rolled manufacturing process allows for a visually appealing, squared-edge cabinet. JL Industries also offer an exclusive rolled-edge design for surface-mounted models, available upon request.  

Dependable and Durable: JLAM-SMT comprises a cold rolled steel trim, door, and cabinet tub. The unit's impact-resistant white powder finish provides a secondary layer of protection against corrosion and wear and tear while being easier to clean and maintain.   

Complete Customization: This product boasts several options for full, limited, or no visibility to its housed fire extinguisher, with the inclusion or exclusion of tempered acrylic glass.   

Intelligent Design: With JL Industries' patented Saf-T-Lok technology, you will minimize potential safety hazards associated with accessing the extinguisher in the case of an emergency.   

Streamlined Installations: JLAM-SMT is easy to install with an easy surface mount.   

Several Handle Options: JL Industries offers full customization to suit your needs with handles ranging from the standard zinc-plated handle with roller catch to fully glazed, solid, horizontal, and vertical duo.   

JLAM-SMT boasts defined, squared edges to rest perfectly within its prepared fitting with a discreet application. This model comprises cold-rolled steel with a high-quality white powder coat primer finish for a unit built to last. 

With its continuous piano hinge, you can expect JLAM-SMT to hold up in high-traffic areas with frequent openings to inspect its housed fire extinguisher.  

JLAM-SMT offers you several reliable handle styles to suit your needs. Standard models are equipped with pull handles for your convenience. However, you can outfit your model with alternatives such as a; 

  • Recessed Pull Handle 
  • Futura Cast Fire Handle 
  • Chrome Lever Handle 
  • Chrome Roller Catch 
  • Magnetic catches (exclusive to steel models, please contact to request) 

Lock and key assemblies are also available upon upgrade. 

You are in control of the line of sight that you would like to maintain to the fire extinguisher with the option for a; 

  • Full glass: Full acrylic glass panel door for complete visibility. 
  • Vertical duo panel door: Vertical glass panel strip for partial visibility. 
  • Horizontal duo panel door: Horizontal glass panel strip for partial visibility.  
  • Small Window panel door: Small central window for partial visibility. 
  • Solid panel door: No glass panel insert for no visibility. 

If you select a solid panel door, we recommend outfitting your unit with decals and lettering for greater visibility and access. 

Your fire extinguishers will be kept preserved and fully functional with the outfitting of a; 

  • Commander Alarm: 85 dB audio alarm installed within the cabinet. 
  • Brigadier Alarm: 105 dB audio alarm mounted on the door jamb, through the handle, or under the extinguisher. 
  • Strobe Alarm: Cabinet top mounted, 100 dB audio alarm mounted on the door jamb, through the handle, or under the extinguisher. 
    Note: Strobe alarms can only be installed on cabinets with at least 3” of trim or more or surface-mounted models. 

To keep you notified of tampering or vandalism, available for upgrade.  

Outfitting the cam cylinder of your JLAM-SMT with a Saf-T-Lok provides peace of mind, with tamper control and keyless access to extinguishers, and eliminates the need to break glass panels to access extinguishers.  

Saf-T-Loks are replaceable, protect your JLAM-SMT for more durability, and are available for an upgrade at your request. 

Product Features:  

  • Product Series: Ambassador 
  • Trim Type: Square trim (rolled trim available upon request) 
  • Mount: Surface Mount  
  • Box Dimensions: 16” x 32” x 7.75” 
  • Hinge: Heavy-duty continuous piano hinge  
  • Handle: Pull handle (standard)  
  • Material: Cold-rolled steel 

Order the JLAM-SMT - 16” x 32” x 7.75” Ambassador Surface Mt. Fire Cabinet today. Ensure the safety of your property and its occupants. 

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JL Industries FX Ambassador - Steel Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Surface Mount - Full Glass with Pull Handle
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16" x 32" x 7.75" Ambassador Surface Mt. Fire Cabinet - JL

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