Recessed Aluminum

Recessed Aluminum

Are you looking for attractive but equally practical access between the interior floors of commercial buildings? Here in Access Doors and Panels, we have a line of industry-grade Recessed Aluminum Floor Access Panels that can do the job perfectly. 

Our top-of-the-line aluminum recessed floor access panels can accommodate all types of floor coverings. We are glad to offer our hinged floor hatches and removable floor hatches for your commercial, industrial, and residential projects. You can find various unit sizes that are available for your unique needs.

We offer a standard recessed aluminum floor hatch with a recessed panel and frame that allows it to accept floor coverings up to ¾" of thickness. Our PPA-RE model features an aluminum diamond plate, aluminum angle, a heavy-duty aluminum continuous piano hinge (0,080), and 4" removable handle. 

If you need to maintain the overall aesthetics of your commercial interior space, you can choose our architecturally pleasing FT-8080, which is explicitly designed for interior and exterior applications. Designed to be lightweight, this floor access panel has all-aluminum hardware and a near-invisible finish to blend its application surface seamlessly.

For your next building project, choose to include our recessed aluminum floor access panel and see the significant difference it can make. We offer quality doors at affordable prices. Call us at (800) 609-2917 to learn more.