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You can’t have a complete job site if you don’t have this essential tool-- the ladder. Ladders, depending on their construction quality, can provide the best support to builders when working at certain heights. Access Doors and Panels introduces its aluminum wall mounted ladder hatch as an ideal accessory to roof and floor hatches. We offer this construction tool in sizes 10’0”, 12’0”, 14’0”, 6’0”, and 8’0”. 

Our aluminum wall mounted ladders are perfect for use with any roof hatch.  For additional support, this ladder can also be mounted to the floor using the optional floor bracket. Its features include 15/16” square extruded aluminum climbing rungs spaced on 12” centers, ⅜” x 2 ½” aluminum side members, 7” stand-off brackets and a mill finish. The LAD conforms to OSHA Standards 29CFR-1910.27 with a loading capacity of 300 LBS at mid span.

Why should you choose Access Doors and Panels’ aluminum ladders? Our Acudor ladders are sturdy and durable yet lighter than other material options like timber and fiberglass. Moreover, it is handy, will not corrode, and can even be stored outdoors. 

Our ladders provide for an improved and long-lasting floor hatch use. Check out our ladders’ product availability by calling our experts at 1-800-609-2917. Shop for our quality yet affordable products now!

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