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Access Doors and Panels’ gastight floor door is ideal for highly sensitive areas. Our panels enable access to internal building systems located below or between building floors and can be designed for interior and exterior applications whenever required. Our Acudor floodtight/gastight floor access door is available in standard sizes 24” x 36”, 30” x 30”, and 36” x 36”. Its angle frame construction is designed to be cast into concrete. 

 Our APS series aluminum floor doors are designed for interior and exterior applications where floodtight or gastight is required. Reinforced for a love load of 1560 pounds/sq.ft (capable of holding up to 25 ft. head of water), its diamond plate door panel overlaps the frame, compressing the gasket and providing for a floodtight/gastight fit. With EPDM gasket and floodtight cam locks ensure that the door will not leak from standing water. 

This Acudor floodtight/gastight floor hatch also comes with an aluminum door and frame, ⅜” aluminum with 3/16” x 1 ½” strap anchors welded around the frame for casting into concrete, type 316 stainless steel butt hinges with tamper-proof stainless steel bolts and nuts, and mill finish with bituminous coating applied to the exterior of the frame. It is also further secured with type 316 stainless steel floodtight cam locks and flush floodtight handle. 

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