Flush Aluminum

Flush Aluminum

Suppose you intend to have an easy and convenient opening of floor access panels during commercial space maintenance. In that case, we highly recommend the installation of a lightweight door material such as aluminum. Here in Access Doors and Panels, you can get your supply of thick aluminum floor access panels available in multi-floor install, cast in concrete, and removable. 

Ideal for interior and exterior applications that require an access point, these can improve curb appeal by seamlessly blending with the surrounding surface. Depending on your access needs, you can easily choose from our wide array of Flush Aluminum Floor Hatches.

Our best-selling Removable Flush diamond plate floor door is designed for interior applications where water tightness is not required. The flush diamond plate door panel stays secured to the frame with flat head screws and is completely removable. This door assembly is constructed with a 1/4" aluminum diamond plate reinforced for the live load of 150 pounds/per sq. ft.

If you need reliable and secure access between interior building floors, you can choose our Multi Floor Flush Aluminum Floor Hatch. This panel is designed with all-aluminum hardware and frame construction making it an ideal solution for either existing cement floors or poured-in-place concrete.

For interior and exterior applications where water tightness is not required, we highly recommend our Cast in Concrete Aluminum Floor Hatch. It has an angle frame construction with an integral anchor flange and an automatic hold open arm grip that allows the panel to open up to 90 degrees. 

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