Channel Frame / Watertight

Channel Frame / Watertight

Operating in high-risk flood areas means that you must have reliable plans and equipment to floodproof your commercial property. Aside from an effective flood prevention plan, installing a floor access panel tested for water penetration is a practical business investment. Thankfully, you can rely on our Watertight Floor Hatches built with channel frame construction, ideal for watertight applications.

Protect your critical assets with our collection of watertight floor doors and find the most suitable product for your access needs. All products are ideal for interior and exterior applications to prevent dirt and water from dripping or flowing into the work area. 

Access Doors and Panels features two doors for watertight applications: the FC 300 and H20. To effectively support a live load of up to 300 lb/sq.ft., choose the FC 300 built with an angle frame construction. The FC H20, on the other hand, helps meet AASHTO specification H20-44 for traffic loading (16000 lb. wheel load with 30% added for impact). Despite differences in their primary features, both doors are reinforced with an aluminum diamond plate door.

If you need something more durable, you can choose the KARP watertight floor door featuring all-aluminum hardware, which is highly resistant to corrosion — making it ideal in coastal-zone areas. It also comes with an easy stainless-steel spring assist for exceptional ease of operation.

Protect your building from floods with our collection of waterproof floor access panels! Call us at (800) 609-2917 and yours right now.