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Plaster is useful because of the number of benefits that it offers when it comes to modern applications. It is also sound-resistant, dent-resistant and creates a more durable finish than drywall. Make the most of a plaster installation by using a plaster access door to access electrical and plumbing components behind the wall. Choose from our insulated and uninsulated fire rated doors for fire-rated surfaces. Check out our wide product selection today.

Access Doors and Panels’ fire-rated insulated access door with plaster flange is the ideal solution for plaster covered fire-rated walls and ceilings; while the fire-rated uninsulated access door with plaster flange is not insulated and can only be used on fire-rated walls, specifically those made of plaster. These doors have a special feature of 1 x self-latching tool-key operated latch and/or ring operated latch, both included, continuous piano hinge, and high-quality white powder coat.

In order to comply with UL standards, once the installation is complete and the provided springs are installed, both access doors will be self-closing and self-locking. Our largest fire-rated PFI-PLY access doors available for vertical and horizontal installations are respectively: (48" x 48") and (24" x 36" or 864 sq inches); whereas, the largest fire-rated PFN-PLY door available is: (36" x 36").

Don’t look any further for a fire-rated access panel for plaster. Order one from Access Doors and Panels today! For your inquiries, contact us now and get a fast response from our sales team. 

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