Fire Extinguisher

A yellow sign with an image of a fire extinguisher to represent our Fire-ExtinguishersFire Extinguisher

If there is a fire, fire extinguishers can help reduce property damage and aid in the safe evacuation of building occupants. This fire-safety equipment is often required in commercial and public places such as hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. When it comes to your different extinguisher needs, choose from our wide product selection at Access Doors And Panels. Our line of products is complete with the ABC dry chemical, BC dry chemical, carbon dioxide, class K wet chemical, halotron, and pressurized water fire extinguishers. 

Introducing one of our highest rated extinguishers-- the ABC Seamless Steel Cylinder Dry Chemical that comes with a non-corrosive pull pin, completely rechargeable, anodized aluminum valve. Cylinder is UL Listed and has high corrosion and impact resistant finish (red epoxy). When you purchase this product, it is already complete with a wall bracket or vehicle bracket and a 6-year warranty, and the standard bracket is included at no additional cost.

Access Doors and Panels recommends the Class-K Kitchen fire extinguisher for use in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, and other similar facilities. It has an extinguishing agent that is used to provide rapid flame extinguishment and securement of hot fuels such as cooking oils. 

Interested in our quality fire extinguishers? Check out our entire product line below. Get that additional peace of mind in your homes and offices  with a ready-to-use extinguisher within reach. Order from us today! Feel free to call at 1-800-609-2917