Double Cam

Double Cam

To complete commercial kitchen exhaust systems, you would need a duct access door. With the help of this door, you will be able to easily facilitate the regular cleaning and maintenance exhaust systems needed to prevent oil or grease buildup. What are you waiting for? Get a quality supply of these specialty doors at Access Doors And Panels today. 

If you’re looking to enable access to sheet metal ducts, we recommend our double cam duct access panels. We offer a wide selection of duct access doors with new models from KARP and Acudor that you can check out. 

Featuring our best-selling double cam duct access panels that can provide easy access to sheet metal ducts by utilizing an innovative self-stick frame for easy installation. This duct door made of galvanized steel is popular with standard features: removable door panel, self-tightening operated cam latch and mill finish. It is tested to 10" SP with minimal leakage.

Our CDSS-6030  is filled with 1" fiberglass insulation along with 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide closed cell neoprene gasketing between door and frame and 1/8” thick by 1/2” wide adhesive-bonded gasket between the frame to the duct. Furthermore, you can also customize this door with material and lock options; aluminum or stainless steel and cylinder lock with key or hasp with staple L handle. 

At Access Doors And Panels, our double cam duct access door is now in stock and ready to ship to your address. So, what are you waiting for? Order one today by calling at 1-800-609-2917!