JLCL-FLT - 28" x 30" x 4" Clear Vu Flat Trim Fire Cabinet - JL  

Cabinets such as the JLCL-FLT - 28" x 30" x 4" Clear Vu Flat Trim Fire Cabinet from JL Industries, combine an avant-garde, leading-edge design with a durable, practical solution for storing, protecting, and preserving fire extinguishers.  

All JLCL models utilize glazed panel doors manufactured by JL Industries to allow complete 180-degree visibility, which is crucial for more accessible locations during emergencies. The flat trim allows for a flush rest with this model’s door, which is well complemented by its tempered acrylic glass bubble so you can maintain a high aesthetic and professional finish. 

JLCL-FLT flat trim profile is ideal for school, office, warehouse, factory, clinic, and hospital hallways and areas where risks of snags are a concern while being ADA compliant 

Take a Closer Look at JLCL-FLT 

?Enhanced Visibility:?The acrylic bubble's 180-degree visibility allows for peripheral lines of sight, providing an advantage over conventional panel doors. The acrylic panels come in various finishes to achieve your perfect look.? 

Recessed Installation: This fire extinguisher cabinet's low profile and flat trim ensure an unobstructed surface, reducing potential safety hazards such as snags and accidental bumps.?? 

Tamper Evident Enhancements:?JL Industries' intelligent design incorporates three options for alarms to notify you in the case of tampering or vandalism.?? 

Enhanced Safety Features:?With JL Industries' exclusive Saf-T-Lok feature, there is no need to risk injury by breaking the glass panel to access the extinguisher in case of emergencies. Saf-T-Lok ensures immediate, reliable, and stress-free access.?? 

As a member of JL Industries' futuristic Clear Vu series, JLCL-FLT upholds the brand's high standard of design and practicality; however, this unit distinguishes itself with an elegant design enhanced aesthetics.  

With its flat-trim, JLCL-FLT will improve the aesthetic of any hallway, corridor, or office lobby due to its contemporary design.?  

JLCL-FLT comes in an impact-resistant white powder coat, with alternatives such as: 

  • #4 Satin Polished Stainless Steel 
  • US 10 Satin Bronze 
  • US 3 Polished Brass 
  • #180 Clear Anodized Aluminum 

JLCL-FLT's innovative Clear Vu bubble is also customizable; replace your crystal-clear acrylic for a: 

  • Red-tinted acrylic Clear Vu bubble 
  • Bronze-tinted acrylic Clear Vu bubble 

Regardless of your choice, JLCL-FLT's CLEAR VU tempered acrylic glass insert provides 180-degree visibility to pinpoint its housed extinguisher with lines of sight at all angles.? 

Standard models have a pull handle for easy access and convenience, with lock and key assemblies available upon request.   

With JL Industries' patented Saf-T-Lok system, you can access the fire extinguisher in the case of an emergency while limiting the risks associated with accessing fire extinguishers. 

Including a Saf-T-Lok on your cylinder will preserve your unit, and you can access the extinguisher without risking injury by breaking any glass panels. 

Saf-T-Loks are replaceable, protect your JLCL-FLT for more durability, and are available for an upgrade at your request. 

Your fire extinguishers will be kept preserved and fully functional with the outfitting of a; 

  • Commander Alarm: 85 dB audio alarm installed within the cabinet. 
  • Brigadier Alarm: 105 dB audio alarm mounted on the door jamb, through the handle, or under the extinguisher. 
  • Strobe Alarm: Cabinet top mounted, 100 dB audio alarm mounted on the door jamb, through the handle, or under the extinguisher. 
    Note: Strobe alarms can only be installed on cabinets with at least 3” of trim or more or surface-mounted models. 

To keep you notified of tampering or vandalism, available for upgrade.   


  • Product Series: Clear Vu Bubble  
  • Wall Mount: Recessed 
  • Trim Type: Flat trim  
  • Box Dimensions: 28" x 30" x 4" 
  • Hinge: Heavy-duty continuous piano hinge  
  • Handle: Pull handle (standard) 
  • Material: #4 satin polished steel, us 10 satin bronze, us 3 polished brass, #180 clear anodized aluminum.  
    Note: Please contact us for details.  

Ensure employee and occupant peace of mind with the inclusion of the JLCL-FLT - 28" x 30" x 4" Clear Vu Flat Trim Fire Cabinet from JL Industries throughout your building today!? 

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JL Industries Clear Vu - Aluminum Acrylic Bubble Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Flat Trim - Full Glass with Pull Handle
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28" x 30" x 4" Clear Vu Flat Trim Fire Cabinet - JL

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