Fire Rated

Fire Rated

An insulated fire rated door carries a temperature rise rating that uninsulated ones don’t have. It is for this reason that, for safety and durability, fire rated ceiling and attic access panels require an insulated product

Access Doors and Panels offers you fire rated ceiling and attic access panels upward opening, downward opening with or without drywall flange. You can choose from our doors from a variety of brands: MIFAB, Babcock Davis, Elmdor, KARP, and Cendrex.

Our best-selling PFI fire-rated insulated access door from Cendrex is insulated with 2” thick mineral wool and can be used on fire-rated walls and ceilings. It also comes with a 1” flange for an easy flush installation on any surface. If you want a UL-listed and NFPA-compliant door that features a self-locking door mechanism, then this is perfect for you.

If you prefer fire-rated ceiling and attic access panels with a downward opening, you might want to try our FRC door series. This product is rated by Underwriters laboratories for 1.5 hours, “B” label in walls, and 3 hours by Warnock Hersey in the ceiling and 2 hours in walls. Its special feature is a heavy-duty spring closure to ensure positive latching when the panel closes. To enable unlocking from the inside, an interior latch release is also included on all doors. 

For more information on our fire-rated ceiling and attic access panels, chat with our representatives online or give us a call at (800) 609-2917. We have a wide range of fire-rated doors that will surely suit your needs. Hurry and order now!