Draft Stop Access Door

Draft Stop Access Door

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Draft stop access doors are installed to prevent the movement of air within open areas such as attics or ceiling crawl spaces. Just like fire blocking, draft stopping aims to stop the fire from jumping between adjacent units. If you are looking for this relevant building material, Access Doors and Panels features products from reliable brands, Babcock Davis and Cendrex. However, this DRD access door is not insulated.

It comes with a 1” flange for an easy flush installation on any surface material. In compliance with UL standards, once the installation is complete and the provided springs installed, this door will be self-closing and self-locking. It is not recommended for use in situations where protection against temperature elevation is required. 

Do you want to obtain LEED certification? Use our Cendres draft stop door that comes in 17 different commercial and residential standard sizes that you can choose from! If you want a draft stop panel that features a drywall bead flange, exposed flange, and plaster bead flange, our line of Babcock Davis panels will be more suited for you. 

If you need an attic access door draft stop, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-609-2917 or for other products, check out our entire product line. What are you waiting for? Purchase this item now at an affordable price! 

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