This extinguisher contains liquid carbon dioxide under pressure.

Operation: Squeeze the lever, which opens the valve, allowing the carbon dioxide to be forced out. The discharge, which changes into a gas and appears as a smothering cloud of white snow, is then directed to the fire through a funnel-shaped horn. Electrically non-conductive.

Construction: Lightweight, high-pressure, aluminum cylinder with O-ring seal and straight thread brass valve fits all sizes. The Sentinel is absolutely rust-free and up to 30% lighter than CO2 units with steel cylinders.

CLASS: B,C Fires

UL Rating: 10BC

Nominal Capacity: 20 lb

Product Spec Sheet:
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JL Industries 20 lb - Sentinel Extinguisher - Carbon Dioxide
SKU # Sentinel-20

20 lb - Sentinel Extinguisher - Carbon Dioxide - JL Industries

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