30" x 30" FD - Fire-Rated Insulated Flush Access Panels - For Wall and Ceiling - JL Industries  

When it comes to your ceilings, the FD flush access panel is an ideal option for you! It comes with a 1-hour fire rating that meets NFPA standards and fire safety requirements. If your construction project needs a fire-rated access panel for ceilings, choose the FD access panel.   

Why Choose the FD Access Panel?  

Insulated: The FD access panel comes with a 1” insulated trim, adding to the temperature control quality of your access doors. Insulation not only helps with energy efficiency but also has other minimal qualities like soundproofing and tightness.   

Fire-Rated: This access door comes with a 1-hour fire rating. One of the best qualities it has is for ceiling installations. It meets the required fire safety codes and has gone through tests to ensure that you adhere to building codes in your area.   

  • Ceiling Installation: Warnock Hersey listed for ceiling installations with a 3-hour non-combustible or 1-hour combustible rating. File # WHI-495-PSH-0163. Maximum size 24” x 36”.     
  • Easy Installation: Despite its fire rating, this access door takes a little time to install and be ready. It can help you lessen labor costs, and having a fire-rated access door increases the security and safety of your building. Fire-rated access panels also reduce the chances of property damage and loss.   


Frame & Trim: 16-gauge steel with a 1” flange. Welded-on masonry anchor.  

Door: 2” thick, insulated 20-gauge steel with continuous hinge.  

Finish: White powder coat paint.  

Latch: Universal turn ring and key lock (U).  

Sizes: Minimum 8" x 8", maximum 24" x 36"  

Optional Features:  

  • Stainless or Galvannealed Construction  
  • Mortise Prep or Mortise Lock Installed  
  • Knurled Knob  
  • Paint Colors  

Let Us Help You with Your Next Project!  

Does your project require fire-rated access doors? We have a wide variety to choose from! Here at Access Doors and Panels, you can trust us for quality products. If you want to learn more about our fire-rated products, know that you can always call us at (800) 609-2917. If you plan to customize an access door, we offer that too! 

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
30" wide by 30" tall
Rough Opening Size:
30" wide by 30" tall
Lock / latch:
Universal turn ring and key lock
1" flange
Continuous hinge
White powder coat primer
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JL Industries 30 x 30 FD - 1 Hour Fire-Rated Insulated, Flush Access Panels
SKU # FD-30-30

30" x 30" FD - Fire-Rated Insulated Flush Access Panel - For Wall - JL Industries

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