24" x 36" Heavy Duty Watertight Floor Panel - Karp

The KFD-HD-WT-SPRG 24" x 36" Heavy Duty Watertight Floor Panel by Karp builds on the strengths of the KFD-SD-NWT-SPRG model, adding watertight capabilities for applications requiring enhanced protection against water ingress.

Critical Enhancements for KFD-HD-WT-SPRG:

  • Watertight Design: This model features a watertight design, making it ideal for environments where water exposure is a concern.
  • Reinforced Construction: The door lid is crafted from a 1/4" aluminum diamond plate, supporting H20 loading with maximum deflection limited to 1/150th of the span. This enhancement in material thickness provides greater strength and resilience.
  • Enhanced Frame: The frame is made from 1/4" extruded aluminum channel-type with a 1/8" neoprene cushion and continuous anchor flange. A 1 1/2" drain coupling is welded to the underside to facilitate efficient water drainage, ensuring the watertight integrity of the door.
  • Load Capacity: The heavier gauge material and construction enable this model to support more demanding H20 loading conditions.

Retained Features from the Standard Duty Model:

  • 90-Degree Automatic Locking: Like the standard model, this door also locks automatically at a 90-degree angle, facilitated by a stainless-steel hold-open arm with a red vinyl grip.
  • Hardware and Hinge Design: Stainless steel hinges and grade 316 stainless steel hardware, attached with tamperproof fasteners, ensure durability and security.
  • Spring Assisted Opening: The stainless-steel spring assist mechanism remains, ensuring smooth, temperature-independent operation.
  • Finish and Protection: The mill finish and bitumastic coating on the frame's exterior are consistent with the standard model, protecting hydrolysis with concrete.


  • Material and Workmanship Warranty: A ten-year guarantee is maintained, as with the standard model.
  • Safety Features: Visibility tape on the underside of the lid for safety is also present in this model.

Options and Lock Variants:

  • Customizable Features: Options for skirting to the depth of the slab, fiberglass insulation, and safety chains & posts.
  • Lock Options: Include staple for padlock, recessed hasp, keyed deadbolt lock, and Pentahead lock, catering to various security needs.

Let’s Get to Work!

The KFD-HD-WT-SPRG 24" x 36" Heavy Duty Watertight Floor Panel is particularly well-suited for applications where water resistance is crucial, such as in outdoor settings, basements, or areas prone to flooding. Its heavy-duty construction ensures both durability and performance in challenging environments. If you need a custom size, let us know!

For further information, refer to the detailed specifications provided with the product information or contact Access Doors and Panels at 1-800-609-2917 for personalized assistance.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
36" height x 24" wide
Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Skirting to depth of slab, fiberglass insulation, safety chains & posts.
Lock Options:
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Karp 24" x 36" Heavy Duty Watertight Floor Panel - Karp

24" x 36" Heavy Duty Watertight Floor Panel - Karp

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