24” x 36” Flood-Tight/Gastight Floor Panel - Acudor  

You can trust that Access Doors and Panels always provides top-quality products with unique functions and features that will benefit your establishment quality. Our revolutionary product is the 24 X 36 AW-APS, an aluminum floor door designed for interior and exterior applications requiring flood, gas, or odor resistance.

Benefits of installing 24 X 36 AW-APS  

  • Reinforced diamond plated door that can handle a live load of 1560 pounds and 25 ft. head of water (Downward pressure only).
  • Angle frame construction with anchors welded around the frame for concrete applications.
  • The door panel overlaps the frame, compressing the gasket and providing a continuous seal.
  • They are designed with an EPDM gasket and cam locks to avoid leaks from standing water and gases or odor.

The door also has a 1/4" aluminum diamond plate reinforced for a live load of 1560 pounds/per sq. ft. It is capable of holding up to 25 ft. head of water (Downward pressure only).

The frame is a 3/8" aluminum with 3/16" x 1 1/2" strap anchors welded around the edge for casting into concrete. Furthermore, the AW-APS has a 9/16" O.D. x 1/8" I.D. EPDM gasket.

It also contains an automatic hold open arm with a red vinyl grip that allows the door to open to 90 degrees, locking the door in an open position and allowing for easy control when closing the door panel. An optional Lift Assist is also available.

Lastly, it has type 316 stainless steel watertight cam locks and a flush watertight handle to secure that water leaks and gas leaks will not occur.

Get the quality floor access door you need now!  

You can always trust that Access Doors and Panels will consistently deliver top-quality products for construction needs! Do you want to purchase this access door? Please request a quote from us now! Call (800) 609-2917 for more details.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
24" wide x 36" high
Type 316 stainless steel floodtight cam locks and flush floodtight handle
3/8" aluminum with 3/16” x 1 1/2” strap anchors welded around the frame for casting into concrete
Type 316 stainless steel butt hinges with tamper proof stainless steel bolts and nuts
Mill finish with bituminous coating applied to exterior of frame
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Acudor 24 x 36 Flood-Tight/Gastight Floor Panel - Acudor
SKU # AW-APS-24-36

24" x 36" Flood-Tight/Gastight Floor Panel - Acudor

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