BXTA-H - 24" x 36" Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door with Non-Locking Handle - Babcock-Davis 


The BXTA-H Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door with Non-Locking Handle is ideal for buildings or facilities near the coast. Or in places where the access door has too much exposure to corrosive and rust-causing factors that may damage the entry door's quality over time. Its reinforced structural design can hold up to hold +/- 80psf and withstand harsh weather conditions such as tropical storms, reducing the risk of property damages and financial losses. 


Why Install BXTA-H? 

Compliance: The BXTA-H follows specific building codes and local rules and regulations to meet the FL-Approval FL 22309-R2 certification requirement, which guarantees the product's legitimacy and credibility.   


The 22 gauge steel door and .080 inch 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum frame can withstand heavy loads up to +/- 80psf and extreme temperatures, which makes the BXTA-H the best heavy-duty exterior access doors you can install to your facility. 

Customizable: The coastal entry door is available in various sizes. Customized sizes are available upon request to accommodate each building's needs, preferences, and requirements.  



  • Model BXTA-H 
  • Door 24 gauge Steel 
  • Frame .080 inch 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum 
  • Size Min: 18 inches by 18 inches 

Max: 36 inches by 48 inches 

  • Installation Wall 
  • Flange 1 inch Exposed 
  • Hinge Stainless Steel Continuous Piano 
  • Finish Paint Grip Door and Mill Flange 
  • Insulation 2-inch Polyurethane; R-11 
  • Gasketing EPDM Self-Adhesive, Continuous 
  • Compliance Florida Product Approval # FL22309-R2 
  • Warranty 1 year 


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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
24" wide x 36" high
Aluminum and Steel
Rough Opening:
24 3/8" wide x 36 3/8" high
24 gauge Steel
.080 inch 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum
1 inch Exposed Flange
Stainless Steel Continuous Piano
Paint Grip Door and Mill Flange
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Babcock Davis 24 x 36 Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door with Non-Locking Handle - Babcock Davis
SKU # BXTA-H-24-36

24" x 36" Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door with Non-Locking Handle - Babcock-Davis

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