22.5" x 54" Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder

Fakro's LST 22.5" x 54" Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder offers accessibility and safety for your commercial construction needs. This innovative model redefines ease of access to non-inhabited spaces, offering unparalleled convenience while meeting rigorous insulation standards. Find out why Access Doors and Panels recommends this product!

Reasons to Choose LST

Collapsible: The LST Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder boasts a collapsible scissor-style mechanism, expertly designed to fold away effortlessly, and expand seamlessly for access. Crafted with a white hatch featuring a plastic catch and finishing lining slats, it exudes functionality and aesthetics.

Exceptional Insulation: One of its standout features is the extraordinary insulation, adhering to rigorous norms (EN 14975) with an impressive U-value of 0.19 BTU/hft²F and an attic ladder R-value of 5.2. The hatch, 1 3/8 inches thick with 1 1/8 inches of thermal insulation, ensures optimal energy conservation and temperature control within the space.

Safety and Durability: Safety is paramount, highlighted by the sturdy construction, capable of supporting up to 350 lbs. The ladder's metal treads are equipped with a non-slip profile, ensuring secure footing during use. Moreover, its innovative design allows for adding or detaching steps as needed, providing customizable functionality.

Effortless Installation: This model simplifies installation with its quick-installation brackets, making it a hassle-free addition to ceilings. The peripheral seal with a gasket ensures a tight and secure fit, further enhancing its insulation properties. Additionally, the ability to incorporate extra accessories further amplifies its adaptability to diverse construction needs.

Customer Convenience: At Access Doors and Panels, customer satisfaction is our priority. That's why the LST Attic Ladder comes fully assembled, eliminating the need for pre-installation work. Detailed fitting instructions accompany the product, making installation a straightforward process.


  • Dimensions: 22.5" x 54"
  • Manufacturer: Fakro
  • Color: White hatch with white metal trim
  • Latch Mechanism: Plastic catch on the hatch
  • Finishing Lining: Slats on the hatch
  • Sealing: Peripheral seal with peripheral gasket
  • Ladder Type: Scissor-style metal ladder
  • Tread: Metal steps with non-slip profile
  • Step Width: 3 1/8 inches
  • Step Length: 11 7/8 inches, 15 inches (adjustable)
  • Additional Tread: Option to add or detach steps as needed
  • Installation System: Quick installation in the ceiling using installation brackets
  • Additional Accessories: Compatibility with various additional accessories
  • Assembly: Delivered fully assembled
  • Load Capacity: Maximum loading of 350 lbs
  • Insulation Properties:
  • Hatch Thickness: 1 3/8 inches
  • Insulation Thickness: 1 1/8 inches
  • U-value: 0.19 BTU/hft²F (loft ladder hatch)
  • R-value: 5.2 (attic ladder)
  • Norm Compliance: EN 14975

Recommended Applications

The LST Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder is the ideal solution for various commercial construction projects. It is recommended for garages, indoor residential spaces, and projects with strict insulation requirements. Say goodbye to costly staircase installations and hello to a space-saving, energy-efficient access solution.

For inquiries or to place an order, contact us at 1-800-609-2917. Elevate your construction projects with the Fakro LST Insert Dimensions Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder from Access Doors and Panels! If you need a custom size, let us know.

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Fakro 22.5" x 54" Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder - Fakro
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22.5" x 54" Insulated Scissor Attic Ladder - Fakro

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