18" x 18" Gasketed Panel by Elmdor

Elevate your commercial construction projects with the unparalleled GD 18" x 18" Gasketed Access Door, presented by Access Doors and Panels. This model is not just an access door; it's a gateway to sophistication and efficiency in demanding environments like clean rooms, laboratories, and operating rooms.

Designed with precision and durability, the GD Gasketed Panel excels in new installations and remodeling projects across various surfaces, including masonry, tile, wood, and more.

Reasons to Choose GD

Watertight Seal: GD's standout feature is comprehensive gasketing, which is pivotal in maintaining environmental integrity. By implementing gaskets on all three sides of the door stop and between the door and frame, this door ensures a watertight seal, effectively reducing air infiltration. This is crucial for maintaining sterile or controlled conditions in sensitive areas.

Seamless Integration: Crafted from robust 18-gauge, galvannealed steel, the door and frame promise longevity and resilience, further enhanced by a sleek white prime coat finish. The four-piece frame construction, measuring 1" wide, is a testament to Elmdor's commitment to excellence, offering perfect concealment for rough wall openings.

Quick and Secure Installation: The ease of installation is another highlight, with 1/4" mounting holes in the wall frame allowing for fast and secure fixing within furred spaces, ensuring maximum clearance.

Secure and Easy to Operate: Security and ease of use are seamlessly integrated into this model with a screwdriver-operated latch, adding an extra convenience layer. The white prime coat finish adds an aesthetic appeal and serves as a ready-to-paint surface, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your project's design.


  • Model: GD Series manufactured by Elmdor
  • Suitability: New installations or remodeling in masonry, tile, wood, or other surfaces
  • Common Uses: Clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, etc.
  • Material: 18 gauge, galvannealed steel
  • Finish: White prime coat
  • Gasketing: On all three sides of the door stop and between the door and frame.
  • Frame: Four-piece construction, 1" wide
  • Installation: Wall frame with 1/4" mounting holes for fastening within furred spaces
  • Latch: Screwdriver operated
  • Dimensions: 18" x 18"

Let's Get Started!

For more information or to place an order, contact Access Doors and Panels at 1-800-609-2917. Choose the GD 18" x 18" Gasketed Panel for a blend of durability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in your next construction project. Remember, if you need a custom size, we can help!

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
18" wide x 18" high
Galvannealed Steel
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Elmdor 18 x 18 Gasketed Access Door
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18" x 18" Gasketed Panel - Elmdor

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