17.5” x 49.5” Premium Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass FXC-14/46-L 

You don't have to worry about the bad lighting in your office anymore! Improve your office lighting and employee productivity with Fakro’s FXC-14/46-L Premium Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass. It's easy to install and has one of the best modern designs that work well with most interior aesthetics. 

Why Purchase This Skylight? 

  • Provides natural lighting 
  • Works great for buildings with a modern design 
  • Unique infinity glass design 

The Premium Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight is the best choice whenever you need a skylight with a low-emission and UV-reflecting double glazing with Argon gas. Many contractors agree that it has a versatile frame design, making it a perfect fit for any retrofit project. 

This product follows world design trends for electronic devices. Fakro manufactured the skylight with a completely flat surface, which almost looks like a smartphone's screen, allowing you to install it on any type of roof and in any direction you prefer. 

Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight Specifications: 

  • Outside curb dimensions: 17 1⁄2 x 49 1⁄2 in 
  • Daylight Area (glass): 4.63 x 0.43 sq. ft. m2
  • Cladding Type: Aluminum 
  • Exterior Color: Black 
  • Interior Color: White 
  • Frame Material: PVC 
  • Glazing: Flat Glass
  • Glazing Type: Laminated 
  • Maximum Roof Pitch: 60° 
  • Mounting Style: Curb Mount 
  • EL-C step or EH-C high profile flashing available 


Purchase the FXC-14/46-L Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight Right Away! 

At Access Doors and Panels, we ensure that we always provide nothing but the best products to all of our clients. Contractors, renovators, and everyone in the construction industry rely on us to supply them with premium materials like the Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight.  

You don't have to worry about sizing because we offer different sizes and dimensions! Just get in touch with us at (800) 609-2917, and we'll cater to all of your questions. 

If you have issues and concerns, you can check out our Returns Policy to learn how our process works. We always guarantee high-quality services to you and all of our clients! 


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Fakro 14 x 46 Premium Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass - Fakro
SKU # FXC-1446-L-14-46

14" x 46" Premium Fixed Curb-Mounted Skylight - Laminated Glass - Fakro

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