12" x 12" Virtually Invisible Access Panel - Bauco

bauco plus II is a concealed hardware gypsum wallboard access panel that blends seamlessly into your wall or ceiling. Once installed and finished to match the surrounding surface, a clean 1/16" reveal is all that remains visible. All elegant and functional surface treatments can be applied to the door as well. A continuous perimeter gasket in the frame guarantees acoustic integrity of the solid GWB.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
12" wide x 12" high
Rough Opening Size:
14 1/2" x 14 1/2"
Concealed touch latch
Concealed, galvanized steel free pivot hinge shall allow all doors to open 120 degrees. All access panel doors shall be fully removable and complete with a safety cable to secure doors to panel frames with a safety cable, test rated for 135lb (61kg),
Recessed aluminum frame shall provide an edge similar to drywall bead against which the ceiling or wall surface shall be finished allowing a near invisible flush frame finish.
Mill Finish
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Bauco 12" x 12" Virtually Invisible Panel - Bauco
SKU # BP-58-II-12-12

12" x 12" Virtually Invisible Panel - Bauco

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