12" x 12" Slammer Access Doors

SLA series Access Doors are designed to provide security access with the strength and durability to withstand abusive and vandal-prone conditions prevalent in many institutions. Without sacrificing security, these doors allow maintenance personnel access to plumbing chases, shut-off valves and electrical apparatus located behind finished walls.

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
12" wide x 12" high
Prime coat suitable for painting"""
3/16 x 2" x 2" angle steel, welded and with pre-punched mounting holes"
Heavy duty butt hinges, welded to door and frame
Lock / latch:
Door comes prepped for Detention type deadbolt lock with paracentric key. (Note= Detention deadbolt lock and paracentric key are not included with this product).
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Elmdor 12" x 12" Slammer Panel - Elmdor
SKU # SLA-12-12

12" x 12" Slammer Panel - Elmdor

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