LXK Universal Installation Brackets  

Purchasing an attic ladder for commercial buildings is one thing. Installing them is another. Make your attic ladder installation a breeze with Fakro's Attic Ladder (Installation Brackets) LXK!  

Why purchase the LXK Universal Installation Brackets  

  • Helps with installing the attic ladder in the ceiling  
  • Prevents unwanted injuries in the future  
  • Comes standard with FAKRO LST, LSF, and LML attic ladders  

Properly installing your Fakro attic ladder prevents unwanted injuries in the future. Fakro's LXK installation brackets aid you or your crew with quick attic ladder installation in the ceiling. The brackets are excellent for supporting the attic ladder on all four corners and adjusting to fit the attic ladder flush with the ceiling.  

When installed in the corners of the box, they add to its overall rigidity ensuring equal lengths of diagonals. The bolts of the LXK are screwed into brackets, guaranteeing fast and accurate leveling of the loft ladder in the ceiling.   

Technical Specifications 

  • Assembled Depth (in inches): 2  
  • Assembled Height (in inches): 10  
  • Assembled Weight (in lbs): 10  
  • Assembled Width (in inches): 4  
  • Packaged Depth (in inches): 10  
  • Packaged Height (in inches): 2  
  • Packaged Weight (In lbs): 10  
  • Packaged Width (in inches): 4  

Make installation a breeze with Fakro's LXK Universal Installation Brackets!     

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Fakro Universal Installation Brackets

Universal Installation Brackets - Fakro

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