Stile Ends 1 set = 2 pcs. LWP, LWT, LWF, LWB

If you have a scissor, metal, or wooden ladder inside your commercial building, you might need an additional feature to make it more functional. Luckily, you can install the LXS product at the ends of your Fakro ladders!

Why You Should Get the LXS Stile Ends

  • Better ladder stability
  • Easy to install

The LXS Brown Stile Ends are finishing elements mounted on the ladder's base, adding a smart touch to its appearance. They are manufactured from specially selected materials to protect the floor from being scratched. It works effectively on wooden, concrete, or ceramic floorings. 

What makes the Stile Ends brilliant is that they are compatible with LWP, LWT, LWF, and LWB ladders from Fakro. 

Grab the LXS Stile Ends Now!

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Fakro Stile Ends 1 set = 2 pcs LWP, LWT, LWF, LWB

Stile Ends 1 set = 2 pcs. LWP, LWT, LWF, LWB - Fakro

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