9" X 18" X 5.5" Cosmopolitan Flat Trim Fire Cabinet

Why settle for anything less than elegant functionality when it comes to fire safety? The JLCO-FLT 9" X 18" X 5.5" Cosmopolitan Flat Trim Fire Cabinet by JL Industries is not just a fire cabinet; it's a seamless blend of sophistication and durability designed to elevate any space while ensuring utmost safety.

Why Choose JLC-FLT?

Durability Redefined: Crafted from cold-rolled steel, the JLCO-FLT guarantees long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring your investment endures the test of time.

Aesthetic Brilliance: Its polished stainless-steel finish isn't merely visually striking; it's a beacon for locating fire safety equipment swiftly and effortlessly in any environment.

Tailored Visibility: Choose your preferred panel door finish, ranging from total visibility glass panels to discreet solid panels, allowing you to maintain the desired level of visual access to your fire extinguisher.

Tamperproof Design: Safeguard your fire safety equipment with built-in tamper alerts, ensuring you're promptly notified of any interference or vandalism.

Enhanced Safety Measures: The innovative Saf-T-Lok feature offers stress-free, injury-free access during emergencies, eliminating the need to break glass panels for swift extinguisher retrieval.

Stand apart in any public setting—a bustling hotel lobby, a medical clinic, or a high-traffic hallway. The JLCO-FLT's sleek flat trim and stainless-steel finish exude sophistication while emphasizing safety, making it an ideal choice for diverse settings.

Customize Your Safety Solution:

Tailor your JLCO-FLT with a range of handle options, from recessed pulls to vibrant cast handles, and choose the panel door that best fits your visibility needs. Remember to add decals and lettering for enhanced visibility with solid panel doors.

Alerts and Upgrades:

Elevate safety further with optional alarms like the Commander, Brigadier, or Strobe Alarm to suit your premises' needs, ensuring immediate attention in case of tampering or emergencies.


Product Series: Cosmopolitan

Mount Type: Recessed

Trim Type: Flat Trim

Dimensions: 9" X 18" X 5.5"

Hinge: Heavy-duty continuous piano hinge

Material: #4 stainless-steel

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Protect your space and occupants with the seamless blend of style and safety offered by the JLCO-FLT 9" X 18" X 5.5" Cosmopolitan Flat Trim Fire Cabinet. Trust in elegance, confidence in security—trust in JLCO-FLT.

Product Spec Sheet:
Stainless Steel
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JL Industries Cosmopolitan - Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Flat Trim - Full Glass with Pull Handle
SKU # JLCO-FLT-9-18-5.5

9" x 18" x 5.5" Cosmopolitan Flat Trim Fire Cabinet - JL

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