JLAC-3RL - 10.5” X 24” X 5.5” Academy 3” Roll Fire Cabinet – JL 

Fire extinguishers are essential for all commercial, residential, and industrial properties, making the cabinets that house them equally indispensable. Installing a quality unit that allows for easy accessibility to extinguishers minimizes marginal seconds that can mitigate potential disasters.  

JL Industries designed the JLAC-3RL - 10.5” x 24” x 5.5” Academy 3” Roll Fire Cabinet to ensure simple, streamlined accessibility to fire extinguishers within your buildings without sacrificing aesthetics. JLAC-3RL will last longer while preserving its household fire extinguisher from meddling, tampering, and accidental damage with complete customization!  

Why JLAC-3RL is Right for You: 

The Aesthetic Solution: JLAC-3RL's sheet rolled manufacturing process allows for a visually appealing, rolled edge panel door. JLAC-3RL provides various options for panel door finishes and styles for acrylic glass panels for the right look.  

Enhanced Durability: JLAC-3RL comprises entirely anodized aluminum, providing a protective, oxidized layer of protection against corrosion and wear and tear while being easier to clean and maintain.  

Complete Customization: JLAC-3RL boasts several options for full, limited, or no visibility to its housed fire extinguisher, with the inclusion or exclusion of tempered acrylic glass.  

Intelligent Design: With JL Industries' patented Saf-T-Lok technology, you will minimize potential safety hazards associated with accessing the extinguisher in the case of an emergency.   

Semi-Recessed Fit: JLAC-3RL's semi-recessed cabinet installation complements its attractive three-inch rolled trim, which is also ADA-compliant 

Several Handle Options: JL Industries offers full customization to suit your needs with handles ranging from the standard zinc-plated handle with roller catch to Futura embossed "Fire" handles, roller catches, and more. 

JLAC-3RL is the ideal fire extinguisher cabinet for public venues such as hotels, restaurants, and offices where décor and aesthetics are essential. The unit's unique rolled trim enhances its profile with a striking and captivating panel door. 

JLAC-3RL uses a continuous piano hinge for hassle-free access to housed extinguishers and greater durability over time.  

Standard models are equipped with a pull handle for your convenience; however, we offer alternatives, such as: 

  • Recessed Pull Handle: Standard on all models with 4" trim  
  • Futura Cast "Fire" Handle: Mill finished, red paint finish, white paint finish.  
  • Chrome Lever Handle 
  • Chrome Roller Catch 

Lock and key assemblies are also available upon upgrade. 

You are in control of the line of sight that you would like to maintain to the fire extinguisher with the option for a; 

  • Full glass: Full acrylic glass panel door for complete visibility. 
  • Vertical duo panel door: vertical glass panel strip for partial visibility. 
  • Horizontal duo panel door: Horizontal glass panel strip for partial visibility.  
  • Small Window panel door: Small central window for partial visibility. 
  • Solid panel door: No glass panel insert for no visibility. 

If you select a solid panel door, we recommend outfitting your unit with decals and lettering for greater visibility and access. 
Your fire extinguishers will be kept preserved and fully functional with the outfitting of a; 

  • Commander Alarm: 85 dB audio alarm installed within the cabinet. 
  • Brigadier Alarm: 105 dB audio alarm mounted on the door jamb, through the handle, or under the extinguisher. 
  • Strobe Alarm: Cabinet top mounted, 100 dB audio alarm mounted on the door jamb, through the handle, or under the extinguisher. 
    Note: Strobe alarms can only be installed on cabinets with at least 3” of trim or more or surface-mounted models.  

To keep you notified of tampering or vandalism, available for upgrade.  

With JL Industries' patented Saf-T-Lok system, you can access the fire extinguisher in the case of an emergency while limiting the risks associated with accessing fire extinguishers.  

Including a Saf-T-Lok on your cylinder will preserve your unit, and you can access the extinguisher without risking injury by breaking any glass panels. 

Saf-T-Loks are replaceable, protect your JLAC-3RL for more durability, and are available for an upgrade at your request. 
Note: Saf-T-Loks cannot be combined with chrome lever handles.  

Product Features:  

  • Product Series: Academy 
  • Wall Mount: Semi-recessed  
  • Trim Type: Rolled trim 
  • Box Dimensions: 10.5" x 24" x 5.5" 
  • Hinge: Heavy-duty continuous piano hinge  
  • Handle: Pull handle (Recessed pull handle standard on all 4" trim models)  
  • Material: Clear anodized aluminum  

Order the JLAC-3RL - 10.5" x 24" x 5.5" Academy 3" Roll Fire Cabinet today. Ensure the safety of your property and its occupants. 

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JL Industries FX Academy - Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - 3" Rolled - Flush With Pull Handle
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10.5" x 24" x 5.5" Academy 3" Roll Fire Cabinet - JL

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