SRH-L-10-82-inch Tube Light Tunnel Non-Domed High Profile RIGID Flashing   

With the ever-increasing demand for oil to power up a whole building and the impacts of climate change, building owners are now turning to green power alternatives. Here at Access Doors and Panels, we understand and advocate for our customers. We offer you SRH-L-10 -82-inch Tube Light Tunnel Non-Domed Low Profile RIGID Flashing.    

Benefits of Installing SRH-L-10-82-inch Tube Light Tunnel Non-Domed High Profile RIGID Flashing: 

  • Bring natural light inside your premises   
  • Save energy consumption   

FAKRO's SRH-L-10 light tunnels bring natural light to every part of your building. This light tunnel allows you to illuminate all rooms in the building, even spaces that can't be fitted with roof windows or vertical windows—illuminating dimly lit interiors such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, corridors, staircases, and even basements. The light tunnel enhances your comfort and saves energy.   

SRH-L-10 comes with a rigid light-transmitting tube made of aluminum, covered with a highly reflective silver-based layer, which contributes to a high-efficiency light-reflective factor of over 98% light. The ceiling frame of this light tunnel is made of organic glass and has a built-in light-diffusing element.    


  • The flat roofing element consists of an aluminum frame with 4mm thick, tempered glass on the outside. It includes special glass inside for additional illumination of the attic (SR_-L and SF_-L only).  
  • The ceiling frame has organic glass material with a built-in light-diffusing element.  
  • It consists of a light-collecting element, flashing, rigid or flexible light-transmitting tube, elbow (in SR_ version), diffuser, and ceiling frame.   

Technical Specifications:   

  • Flashing Included: Yes   
  • Product Dimensions: 36.75 x 13 x 48.5 inches  
  • Color/Finish Family: Gray   
  • Exterior Material: Aluminum   
  • Frame Color/Finish: White   
  • Glass Insulation: Low-E argon   
  • Glass Type: Tempered glass over tempered glass   
  • Skylight Dome Type: Insulated glass   
  • Skylight Mounting Type: Self-flashing   
  • Series Name: SRL-L Drawing   
  • Product: Rigid   

Purchase the SRH-L-10-82-inch Tube Light Tunnel Non-Domed High Profile RIGID Flashing Today!      

Access Doors and Panels recognizes the importance of sustainable products to all our clients. Contractors, renovators, and everyone in the construction industry rely on us to supply premium materials like the SRH-L-10.   

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Fakro 82-inch Tube L-10 Light Tunnel Non-Domed High Profile RIGID Flashing
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82-inch Tube L-10 Light Tunnel Non-Domed High Profile RIGID Flashing - Fakro

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