These units contain specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate powder, which smothers and breaks the chain reaction on Class B fires, fuses and insulates Class A fires, and is a non-conductor of electricity. Non-toxic.

Operation: Squeeze the lever, which opens the valve, allowing the chemical to be forced out. Upright squeeze grip operation approved to -65°F (-52°C).

Construction: Heavy-duty steel cylinder with rugged metal valve and siphon tube with replaceable molded valve stem seal, visual pressure gauge, pull pin and upright squeeze grip. Corrosion and impact-resistant powder coat finish.

CLASS: A,B,C Fires

UL Rating: 4A-80BC

Nominal Capacity: 10 lb

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JL Industries 10 lb - Cosmic Extinguisher - Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical
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10 lb - Cosmic Extinguisher - Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical

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