D40 48" x 48" Equipment Access Roof Hatch - Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover - Double Leaf - Bilco  

The D40 Equipment Access Double Leaf Roof Hatch has a sturdy steel curb that supports, secures, and stabilizes the roof hatch's base, especially during extreme weather conditions. Its lightweight, corrosion-resistant double-leaf aluminum cover makes it easier for the service and installation team to transport and install it. These features make the D40 the best equipment roof hatch for industrial settings or coastal areas.  

Why Install D-40?  

Innovative: The D40's curb has a Bil-Clip® flashing system, a cutting-edge method to quickly attach single-ply roofing to the hatch.   

Accessibility: Service personnel and rescue teams can safely operate and exit from the building due to the roof hatch's automatic arms lock, which can steadily hold and open the double-leaf door to guarantee a safe and secure exit. Additionally, it has compression spring operators, which help people access it to open the covers during emergencies effortlessly.   

Customizable: The equipment access hatch is available in various sizes. Customized sizes are available upon request to accommodate each building's needs, preferences, and requirements.   


Material Used (select one):  


Covers and frame:  

  • 14 gauge (2mm) 
  • G-90 paint bond galvanized steel.  


Covers and frame:  

  • 11 gauge (2.3mm) aluminum  

Stainless Steel:  

Covers and frame:  

  • It has 14 gauge (2mm) type 304 stainless steel.  


  • Brake formed, hollow-metal design  
  • 1" (25mm) concealed fiberglass insulation  
  • 3" (76mm) beaded, overlapping flange  
  • Fully welded at corners  
  • Strengthened internally to accommodate a 40 psf (195 kg/m2) live load.  


  • 12" (305mm) in height with integral cap flashing  
  • 1" (25mm) fiberboard insulation  
  • Fully welded at corners  
  • 3-1/2" (89mm) mounting flange  
  • It has 7/16" holes (11mm) for securing the frame to the roof deck.  


  • Extruded EPDM rubber gasket permanently adhered to the cover.  


  • Heavy-duty pintle hinges  
  • It has 3/8" (9mm) type 316 stainless steel hinge pins.  


  • Single leaf: Slam latch with the interior and exterior turn handles and padlock hasps.   
  • Double leaf: Enclosed two-point spring latch with interior and exterior turn handle and padlock hasps.  

Lift Assistance:  

  • It has compression spring operators encased in telescopic tubes. 
  • It has an automatic hold-open arm with a grip handle release.  


  • Steel: Alkyd base red oxide primer.  
  • Aluminum: Mill Finish.  
  • Stainless Steel: Type 304 stainless steel with bead blast finish  


  • Steel: Engineered composite compression spring tubes with steel compression springs packed in grease. All other hardware is zinc-plated/chromate sealed.  
  • Aluminum: Engineered composite compression spring tubes. Steel compression springs with electro-coated acrylic finish. Type 316 Stainless steel hinges. All other hardware is zinc-plated/chromate sealed.  
  • Stainless Steel: It uses type 316 stainless steel.  

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Product Spec Sheet:
Aluminum and Steel
Enclosed two point spring latch with interior and exterior turn handles and padlock hasps.
Type 304 stainless steel with bead blast finis
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BILCO 48" x 48" Steel Curb and Aluminum Cover Equipment Access Roof Hatch (Double Leaf) - Bilco
SKU # D-40-48-48

48" x 48" Equipment Access Roof Hatch - Steel Curb & Aluminum Cover - Double Leaf - Bilco

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