4" x 10" Removable Wall and Ceiling Supply Vent 
Step into a new era of HVAC excellence with the IG-MAG-S4X10 4" x 10" Removable Wall and Ceiling Supply Vent from InvisaGrille. Elevate your indoor spaces with the ultimate solution for maintaining a perfect balance of consistent and controlled airflow. 

Designed as a premium supply vent specifically for 1/2" and 5/8" thick gypsum board applications, the IG-MAG-S4X10 stands out as the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Its solid and durable construction, featuring triple fiber reinforced concrete board and convenient mud-in flanges, guarantees seamless integration into your walls and ceilings. 

Unlock a new realm of simplicity with the IG-MAG-S4X10's removable vent cover. Effortless cleaning and maintenance become the norm, maximizing both utility and value. Bid farewell to the days of unsightly vents disrupting your aesthetic – the flush-mounted design of the IG-MAG-S4X10 ensures a surface that remains undisturbed! 

Improve Your HVAC Systems With IG-MAG-S4X10 

Easy Maintenance: Featuring high-quality magnets on each corner, IG-MAG-S4X10's vent cover is effortlessly removable for quick maintenance and inspections. 

Hassle-Free Integration: Mud-in flanges ensure swift and trouble-free installations, delivering maximum results with minimal effort. 
Precision Airflow Control: Enjoy complete control over airflow direction with the adjustable diffuser, enhancing convenience. 

Sleek and Subtle Design: The flush profile of IG-MAG-S4X10 ensures a barely noticeable presence, maintaining a smooth, glass-like surface across walls and ceilings. 

Optimized Airflow: Boasting an open area exceeding 10.14 square inches and an adjustable diffuser, IG-MAG-S4X10 ensures a consistently comfortable environment. 

Durable Construction: Crafted from fire and impact-resistant triple fiber reinforced concrete board, IG-MAG-S4X10 guarantees maximum durability. 

Eco-Friendly Assurance: Sourced from asbestos-free, eco-friendly materials, IG-MAG-S4X10 prioritizes safety and environmental consciousness. 

IG-MAG-S4X10 is the perfect accessory for your HVAC systems to maintain steady and comfortable airflow. Flush vent covers such as the IG-MAG-S4X10 almost guarantee a professional finished product, with easy mud-in flanges and an adaptable prime coat finish.

With 13 rectangular slots, IG-MAG-S4X10 maximizes the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. This model is also moisture, water, and mold resistant and will handle all types of conditions! 

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Triple Fiber Reinforced Cement
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InvisaGrille 4" x 10"  Removable Wall and Ceiling Supply Vent - InvisaGrille
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4" x 10" Removable Wall and Ceiling Supply Vent - InvisaGrille

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