36" x 48" Walkable Flat Roof Skylight DXW - Triple Glazed

It’s always necessary to provide quality lighting inside your buildings, and that’s why the 36" x 48" Walkable Flat Roof Skylight DXW - Triple Glazed exists to help you achieve that. You can say goodbye to boring flat roofs when you have the walkable flat roof skylight!

Benefits of Installing a Walkable Flat Roof Skylight

  • Seamless design that fits well on most modern flat roof designs
  • Provides natural lighting inside your commercial building
  • Allows a person to walk over the skylight without breaking

With its reinforced design, anti-slip coating, and safe glazing unit with laminated external glass, the DXW skylight will benefit people by providing interior natural lighting while creating a completely walkable surface.

DXW Skylight Features: 

  • Frame manufactured from multiple chamber PVC profiles
  • Top-notch thermal window insulation, Uw = 0.22 Btu/h ft2 F
  • Achieve quality illumination of an area under the skylight
  • Highly resistant to moisture
  • Excellent energy efficiency and safe-glazing units
  • Strong frame and resistant to breaking due to reinforced design
  • Wide range of internal accessories

DXW Skylight Specifications:

  • Rough Opening (WxH) - 34¾ x 46⅝
  • Outside Frame - 44? x 55?
  • Daylight Area (glass) - 12.49
  • Window U-value - 0.22 Btu/h ft2 F
  • Glazing U-value - 0.08 Btu/h ft2 F
  • Glazing Unit - 888.44(1xESG, 2xTVG)-Tg16Ar-4HT-Tg18Ar-66.2T
  • Inter Gas-Filled Panes - Argon

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Fakro 36 x 48 Walkable Flat Roof Skylight DXW - Triple Glazed
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36" x 48" Walkable Flat Roof Skylight DXW - Triple Glazed - Fakro

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