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The SM - Surface-Mount Access Panel - Interior Wall is ideal for a quick installation on wallboard or plaster for ceilings and walls. You will get fewer labor costs and installation time with this durable and aesthetically pleasing access door.   

Why Choose the SM?  

Easy Installation: This access door is known for its economic surface mounting feature, making it easy to install on a wallboard or plaster. This is an ideal option if you want an access door without having to wait too long.   

Economical: Because of its easy installation, you lessen the labor costs, and it also reduces the time needed for the installation. You can have an expert mount this access door immediately with the screws that already come with it on the corners of the frame.   

Accessibility: Need direct access to your building's internal components? The SM access panel is a good option. Most commercial and industrial establishments conceal these components behind walls and ceilings, especially plumbing, wiring, and HVAC systems.   


  • Trim & Door: 1" wide,16-gauge trim with screw holes in each corner for mounting. The 16-gauge door operates on a continuous hinge.  
  • Finish: White powder coat paint.   
  • Lock: Screwdriver-operated cam lock (C).  
  • Options: #4 Satin Finish Stainless Steel (SMS), Custom Colors, Cylinder Lock, Knob Cam, Torx, Spanner, or Hex Cam.  

We Can Help You Build Better!  

When it comes to access doors, Access Doors and Panels is the one you can trust for quality and convenience. You can inquire about our products directly from our product experts by calling us at (800) 609-2917. If you order bulk, you can always request a quote today!  

Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
36" wide x 36" high
Primed white finish"""
Four piece welded frame with masonry mounting straps
Concealed Pivot Pins
Lock / latch:
Self latching tool-key operated latch and/or ring operated latch, both included
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JL Industries 36" x 36" Surface-Mount Access Panel - Interior Walls
SKU # SM-36-36

36" x 36" SM - Surface-Mount Access Panel - Interior Walls - JL Industries

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