36" x 36" H20 Loading Floor Door – Single Leaf   

Introducing FA-H20-SL 36" x 36" H20 Loading Floor Door – Single Leaf by Acudor, the ultimate heavy-duty access solution for parking garages, loading docks, industrial facilities, warehouses, and other venues where AASHTO-certified access is required.  

This heavy-gauge aluminum floor hatch is intended for interior and exterior applications where weather tightness is not a requirement, providing exceptional durability and strength with a 16,000-pound wheel live-load rating.   

FA-H20-SL offers peace of mind with lift assistance supplied by stainless steel compression springs, with red vinyl gripped hold-open arms for easy 90-degree access with one hand. 

With ¼" aluminum tread plating, FA-H20-SL provides secure footing for a safer work environment. These specialized floor hatches withstand the weight and impact of vehicles and heavy equipment while maintaining uncompromising access.  

Experience Certified, Secure, & Reinforced Access  

Diamond Tread Plating: Maintain a safe and orderly worksite with ¼" diamond patterned plating for a strong, assured grip with footwear.     

Hassle-Free Access: FA-H20-SL grants easy access to underground spaces with lift assistance provided by enclosed telescopic tubes and automatic hold-open arms.    

Streamlined Installations: This model makes installations easier with a 1" integral anchor flange for a stress-free fitting process.  

H-20 Load Reinforced Cover: FA-H20-SL's reinforced cover supports a live load of up to 16,000 pounds for more longevity, safety, and access to off-street locations that require efficient access.   

Highly Durable Construction: FA-H20-SL comprises robust ¼" steel providing exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. Count on FA-H20-SL for years of service with minimal upkeep required.    

Removable Handle for Flush Fit: FA-H20-SL grants hassle-free access with a removable outside handle and threaded plug. Once the job is complete, just remove the handle to keep things flush.  

Note: Interior handles are fixed 


  • Dimensions: 36" x 36"   
  • Material: ¼" mill-finished aluminum with bituminous coating on frame exterior  
  • Cover: Diamond-patterned tread plate reinforced to meet AASHTO specifications for H-20-44 (16,000 pounds wheel load over 10" x 20" area with 30% added for impact) live load   
  • Frame: Angle frame fabricated from aluminum extrusion with an integral 1" anchor flange   
  • Latch: Flush aluminum drop handle, stainless steel slam lock with fixed inside handle; removable outside handle with removable threaded plug  
  • Hinges: Stainless steel butt hinges with tamperproof stainless-steel bolts and nuts  
  • Lift-Assistance: Stainless steel compression springs with red vinyl grip hold open arms to keep the cover extended and locked to 90 degrees   
  • Hardware: All hardware is steel   

Maintain a safe and orderly work zone with easy H20 access with the addition of FA-H20-SL 36" x 36" H20 Loading Floor Door – Single Leaf by Acudor!   

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
36" wide x 36" high
Flush aluminum drop handle with st/stl slamlock
½" wide outside flange
Stainless steel butt hinges with tamperproof stainless steel bolts and nuts
Mill Finish
Excellent Services
36" x 36" H20 Loading Floor Panel - Single Leaf  - Acudor
SKU # FA-H20-SL-36-36

36" x 36" H20 Loading Floor Panel - Single Leaf - Acudor

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