S-20 36" x 30" Ladder Access Roof Hatch - Steel - Miami-Dade Approved - Bilco

The S-20 Ladder Access Roof Hatch - Steel - Miami-Dade Approved has a durable 14 gauge (2 mm) galvanized steel material that allows easy, convenient, and secure access to the roof by using a fixed ladder. This ladder access roof hatch is perfect for your commercial building with its counter-balanced cover design for one-hand operation. It is fully gasketed and insulation for weather resistance.  

Experience less hassle in repairs in times of calamities as this great ladder access roof hatch is "Miami-Dade NOA: 14.0708.07" and "Florida Product Approval 15110" certified for use in high-velocity hurricane zones with large and small missile impact.  

Why install the S-20?        

Affordable: The S-20 roof hatch also provides a cost-effective solution to address your commercial building's ladder access roof hatch needs. In addition, this product is easy to install without special tools and requires no maintenance.      

Super-Durability: This roof hatch is tough and long-lasting with its galvanized steel material. And no need to worry about dents and damages with its 14 gauge (2 mm) G-90 paint bond galvanized steel that promises durability and aesthetics.   

Variety: If you are looking for multiple product options, you can choose from S-20's various sizes and curb options that will surely fit your commercial building.     


  • Material: Cover and frame are 14 gauge (2 mm) G-90 paint bond galvanized steel.  
  • Cover: Brakeformed, hollow-metal design with 1" (25 mm) concealed fiberglass insulation, 3" (76 mm) beaded, overlapping flange, fully welded at corners, and internally reinforced for 40 psf (195 kg/m2) live load.  
  • Curb: 12" (305 mm) in height with integral cap flashing, 1" (25 mm) fiberboard insulation, fully welded at corners, and 3-1/2" (89 mm) mounting flange with 7/16" holes (11 mm) provided for securing the frame to the roof deck.  
  • Gasket: An extruded EPDM rubber gasket permanently adhered to the cover.  
  • Hinges: Heavy-duty pintle hinges with 3/8" (9 mm) Type 316 stainless steel hinge pins.  
  • Latch: Slam latch with the interior, exterior turn handles, and padlock hasps.  
  • Lift Assistance: Compression spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes. Automatic hold-open arm with grip handle release.    
  • Finish: Alkyd base red oxide primer  
  • Hardware: All hardware is zinc-plated/chromate sealed.  

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Product Spec Sheet:
Door Size:
36" wide x 30" high
Galvanized Steel
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BILCO 36 x 30 - Steel Roof Hatch - Ladder Access - Miami-Dade Approved - Bilco
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36" x 30" Ladder Access Roof Hatch - Steel - Miami-Dade Approved - Bilco

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